Friday, December 30, 2005

FeeER ME pewwwNY HOO-mooNS!!!!

I Am KAC teH KIllEr AnDroyyD ChIPMunK!!! FerST I WilL SmITe jEXter. THen wITH My laAAAzzzeR Beeem i i i -s aND mY Whored OF iMPlaCAbLE NaNObOts I wiLL CrUSh yU aND TakE OveR TeH InTERnets!!! SoON TEH HOle Wurld WiLl Be RUUULLd bY SmalL RoDEnT MAmmmles!!!!

BwWAAAA Hhhhaa [chipchip] haHAHHHAHHH [chip] BwaHHHHAHAAA!!! [chip]

YOOorrs trewlY,

KAC and teh Implacables